Where and how to contact us – reporting a cyber security incident

Please feel free to contact us any time you have any information about a cyber security incident, or a substantiated suspicion of one. A report can be submitted via email to an address . Please submit all the information about the incident. Providing details can significantly reduce the time it takes to deal with it, and helps us to help you.

Email address for reporting incidents: .

Report template

Why contact CSIRT OU?

By letting us know a security incident has occurred, first of all you get a relevant assistance and advice on how to resolve the incident and get back to working condition. You also help us build a preventive – proactive system. This manifests by releasing reports on how to deal with specific incident types when relevant. Any reports will not contain any private information.

It will also allow us to get a better overview of the security situation within the OU systems and networks by assessing statistical data and pointers, and to get more data for research. It is also important that CSIRT OU attempts to prevent the possible loss of evidence of incidents, and any data potentially relevant for forensic analysis.

Updated: 01. 06. 2018