CSIRT OU has obtained TF-CSIRT accreditation

A few days ago, the CSIRT OU (University of Ostrava’s Computer Security Incident Response Team) obtained "Accredited" status from the international organization TF-CSIRT

CSIRT OU staff expanded, and with a new rector regulation

On 23rd of June 2021, a new regulation 142/2021 for cyber security team of University of Ostrava, CSIRT OU, went into effect. It is an important step towards effectively dealing with cyber security threats which our university encounters on daily basis.

CSIRT OU has educated enrolled students about basic practices of secure ICT use

The week before the start of lecturing in a new academic year is routinely used to introduce new students to the studies. Newly enrolled students are familiarised with the inner workings of the faculties they will be attending in the following years, as well as with the workings of the university as a whole and its IT and communication infrastructure.