CSIRT OU has educated enrolled students about basic practices of secure ICT use

The week before the start of lecturing in a new academic year is routinely used to introduce new students to the studies. Newly enrolled students are familiarised with the inner workings of the faculties they will be attending in the following years, as well as with the workings of the university as a whole and its IT and communication infrastructure. CSIRT OU group has also joined the education of first year students of all programs of the Faculties of Education and Social Studies via the INPOG subject, and students of the Department of Informatics and Computers of Faculty of Science in their introductory course. CSIRT OU members taught students how to secure their computers and smartphones , how to be careful while using public WiFi networks, how to make sure to use HTTPS when possible, how to deal with suspicious emails and phishing attempts. They were also acquainted with the rules pertaining to use of university IT systems and networks and how to report a security incident should the need arise. We thank the Faculty of Education for allowing us to participate in the INPOG course, as well as the Department of Informatics and Computers for allowing us to reach out to the students, and for the general support. We also thank all the participants of the courses and we wish them success in the new academic year, free of security incidents.


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Updated: 27. 09. 2018